Drip bag coffee...What is it?

If you know about drip brewing or pour-over, then you are half way there. Chances are, you have a drip brewer sitting somewhere in your kitchen.

Drip bag coffee - originated from Japan, infuses the best of instant coffee and drip brewing into a tiny drip bag. You will find the convenience of instant coffee and the freshness of drip brew coffee in a tiny sachet. With coffee in the drip bag, you are still able to enjoy the smooth and complex flavor of coffee anywhere, as if it's made from the brewer, even when you don't have a brewer around. 

We offer 8 varieties of distinct flavors of drip bag coffee, sourced from 3 major continents: including beans from South America (Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia), Africa (Ethiopia), and Asia (Indonesia). And we have them in both cinnamon roast (fancy word for light roast) and medium roast. So, whether it's for a early morning cup of coffee, or a afternoon boost, or a late night drink; we've got you covered.

Drip bag coffee...How to ?​
Learn the simple steps in making a great cup of drip bag coffee in less than 2 minutes. 

1. Tear open bag along the dotted line.
2. Place hanger onto a cup. 
3. Pour boiled water through just
     enough to cover the ground coffee.
4. Wait for 30-sec.  
5. Add more hot water.
6. Enjoy.

Drip bag coffee...The Unique Flavors

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Colombia Organic
Hand picked from the high mountain town of Sidamo, Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe is rich and smooth-bodied with intense floral aroma.
Rich and silky smooth flavor. This certified organic coffee comes from Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia.
Guatemala Antigua Flora
Mandheling Brazil
Picked from the highland of Antigua. This bean has unique elegant and vibrant flavor with rich floral aroma. 
Nutty with a hint of caramel after taste. It's a combination of premium coffee beans from both Indonesia and Brazil.
Ethiopia Star Harra
Golden Mandheling
Known for its winey and floral toned acidity. This coffee beans are from the small farms in Oromia, Ethiopia. 
Full bodied and chocolaty. The Mandheling beans are from Island of Sumatra that remains one of the best coffees in the world.
House Blend
Classic collection from Aisen's roast master. Bold and full-bodied. Perfect coffee coffee to start your day.
Mixed beans from Africa and Southern America. Smooth and aromatic coffee that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.